Council - Monday, 17th May 2021 6.00 p.m.

Venue: Morecambe Town Hall

Contact: Debbie Chambers, Democratic Services - email 

No. Item




Vote of thanks

To give a vote of thanks to the retiring Mayor.


Election of Mayor

To elect the Mayor of the City of Lancaster for the ensuing year.


Election of Deputy Mayor



To receive as a correct record the Minutes of the Meeting of the City Council held on 24th March 2021 (previously circulated). 



To receive any announcements which may be submitted by the Mayor or Chief Executive.  



To receive declarations by Councillors of interests in respect of items on this Agenda. 

Councillors are reminded that, in accordance with the Localism Act 2011, they are required to declare any disclosable pecuniary interests which have not already been declared in the Council’s Register of Interests. (It is a criminal offence not to declare a disclosable pecuniary interest either in the Register or at the meeting). 

Whilst not a legal requirement, in accordance with Council Procedure Rule 9 and in the interests of clarity and transparency, Councillors should declare any disclosable pecuniary interests which they have already declared in the Register, at this point in the meeting. 

In accordance with Part B Section 2 of the Code Of Conduct, Councillors are required to declare the existence and nature of any other interests as defined in paragraphs 8(1) or 9(2) of the Code of Conduct. 





Appointment of the Leader

To receive nominations and elect the Leader of the Cabinet/Leader of the Council in accordance with the provisions of the Constitution set out below:-


“The Leader will be a Councillor elected for a two year term to the position of Leader by simple majority of the Council. In the event that only one nomination is put forward a vote will still be taken.”



Executive Arrangements and the scheme of Delegation to officers pdf icon PDF 187 KB

Report of the Head of Democratic Services (on behalf of the Leader)

Additional documents:


Non executive delegations

Council is recommended to approve the non-executive scheme of delegation to officers contained in the Constitution (this is included in the appendix to the report for Item 11, above).



Allocation of seats to political groups

To consider a report of the Head of Democratic Services. This report will be drafted and published after the results of the two by-elections being held on 6 May 2021 are known.


Appointment of Overview and Scrutiny Members

To receive nominations and appoint Councillors to serve on each of the following Overview and Scrutiny bodies in accordance with the political balance arrangements agreed at Item 9.


In accordance with the Council’s Constitution, only non-Cabinet Councillors are entitled to vote on this item.


(a)        Overview and Scrutiny Committee (9 Councillors)


(b)        Budget and Performance Panel (9 Councillors)


Appointment of Committee Members

To receive nominations and appoint Members to serve on the under-mentioned Committees in accordance with the political balance arrangements agreed at item 9. The number of Councillors on each Committee is shown in brackets.


a)    Planning Regulatory Committee (15)

b)    Licensing Committee (10)

c)    Personnel Committee (7)

d)    Appeals Committee (7)

e)    Audit Committee (7)

f)     Standards Committee (7)

g)    Council Business Committee (7)

h)    Chief Executive Recruitment Committee (9)


Appointment of Chairs

To receive nominations and appoint Chairs to each of the under-mentioned bodies noting that, in accordance with the Constitution, only non-Cabinet Members are entitled to vote on (a) and (b) below:-


(a) Overview and Scrutiny Committee – shall not be member of the largest political group represented on Cabinet.

(b) Budget and Performance Panel – shall not be a member of the largest political group represented on Cabinet.

(c) Planning Regulatory Committee

(d) Licensing Committee

(e) Personnel Committee - recommended to include at least one Cabinet Member

(f) Appeals Committee

(g) Audit Committee – shall not be a Member of Cabinet or Overview and Scrutiny

(h) Standards Committee

(i) Council Business Committee

(j) Chief Executive Recruitment Committee


Appointments to outside bodies, partnerships and boards pdf icon PDF 248 KB

Report of the Head of Democratic Services.

Additional documents:



Motion on notice - Union Flag pdf icon PDF 197 KB

The following motion was submitted for the April meeting of Council, which was cancelled due to lack of other business. It is now submitted to this meeting.


A motion on notice has been submitted by Councillor Reynolds, seconded by Councillors Evans, Clifford and Cleet:-


Our nation's flag is a symbol of liberty, unity and freedom that creates a shared sense of civic pride, and unites us as one people on these islands. People expect to see the Union flag flying high on civic buildings as a sign of our local and national pride, and our shared identity. 


The Union flag should be flown every day, on every Lancaster City Council building.


We note that the mayor has approved the flying of the Union flag on council buildings on a permanent basis, in line with the suggestion from MHCLG.


This motion calls on Lancaster City Council to:


(1)            Enshrine the recommendations from MHCLG as council policy, so that future mayors cannot remove the recommendation to fly the Union Flag on council buildings on all days (except where a flag is flown to celebrate a specific day or event)

(2)            Ensure that Flags are replaced on a regular basis to ensure the highest standards

(3)            Complete a condition survey of flags and flag poles for the consideration of the portfolio holder for property services, and then complete one every year from now on.

(4)            Seek funding pots for the replacement of flag poles and for helping to fund new flag poles and flags

(5)            Seek the feedback of the community and elected members about areas of public open space where they would like to see a flag pole

(6)            Write to partners, local businesses and parish and town councils asking them to adopt the elements of this motion appropriate to them.


An officer briefing note is included in the agenda.