Agenda item

Appointment of Chairs

To receive nominations and appoint Chairs to each of the under-mentioned bodies noting that, in accordance with the Constitution, only non-Cabinet Members are entitled to vote on (a) and (b) below:-


(a) Overview and Scrutiny Committee – shall not be member of the largest political group represented on Cabinet.

(b) Budget and Performance Panel – shall not be a member of the largest political group represented on Cabinet.

(c) Planning Regulatory Committee

(d) Licensing Committee

(e) Personnel Committee - recommended to include at least one Cabinet Member

(f) Appeals Committee

(g) Audit Committee – shall not be a Member of Cabinet or Overview and Scrutiny

(h) Standards Committee

(i) Council Business Committee

(j) Chief Executive Recruitment Committee


The Mayor requested nominations for Chairs for the Overview and Scrutiny bodies and for each of the Council’s Regulatory and Standing Committees. 


The Mayor again reminded Members that in accordance with the Council’s Constitution only non-Cabinet Members were entitled to vote on the Chairs proposed for the Overview and Scrutiny Committee and Budget and Performance Panel. In view of this, the Leader and Deputy Leader did not vote on those appointments.


In relation to the Overview and Scrutiny Committee, Councillor Austen-Baker was nominated by Councillor Duggan, seconded by Councillor Dennison. There were no further nominations. Councillor Austen-Baker was appointed Chair of the Overview and Scrutiny Committee. 


For the Budget and Performance Panel, Councillor Duggan was nominated by Councillor Joan Jackson and seconded by Councillor Dennison. No further nominations were put forward and the Mayor declared Councillor  Duggan Chair of the Budget and Performance Panel.


For the Planning Regulatory Committee, Councillor Thornberry was nominated by Councillor Robinson, seconded by Councillor Hartley. Councillor Budden was nominated by Councillor Duggan, seconded by Councillor Guilding.  


On being put to the vote there were 15 votes for Councillor Thornberry and 36 votes for Councillor Budden. Councillor Budden was duly appointed Chair of the Planning  Regulatory Committee.


Councillor Hartley was nominated for Chair of the Licensing Committee by Councillor Biddulph, seconded by Councillor Robinson. There were no further nominations. The Mayor declared Councillor Hartley appointed Chair of the Licensing Committee.


Councillor Wood proposed that Councillor Robinson be appointed Chair of the Personnel Committee. Councillor Biddulph seconded the proposition.  Councillor Matthews then nominated Councillor Anderton, seconded by Councillor Heath. On being put to the vote Councillor Anderton received a majority vote from 32 Members and was appointed Chair of the Personnel Committee.


Councillor Black was proposed by Councillor Robinson, seconded by Councillor Biddulph, for the Chair of the Appeals Committee. Councillor Dant proposed Councillor Geoff Knight, however Councillor Knight declined to take his nomination further. The Mayor declared Councillor Black Chair of the Appeals Committee.


In relation to the Audit Committee, Councillor Stubbins was nominated by Councillor Dant, seconded by Councillor Young. Councillor Bryning was nominated by Councillor Hartley, seconded by Councillor Biddulph.


Councillor Stubbins received 32 votes. This being a majority,  the Mayor declared Councillor Stubbins Chair of the Audit Committee.


For the Standards Committee, there were two nominations. Councillor Young was nominated by Councillor Dant, seconded by Councillor Dennison.  Councillor King was nominated by Councillor Robinson, seconded by Councillor Biddulph. Councillor Young received a majority of 32 votes, therefore Councillor Young was appointed Chair of the Standards Committee.


In relation to the Council Business Committee, Councillor Pritchard was nominated by Councillor Wood, seconded by Councillor Dowding. Councillor Joan Jackson was nominated by Councillor Duggan and seconded by Councillor Guilding. With a majority of 32 votes, Councillor Pritchard was appointed Chair of Council Business Committee.


Finally, for the Chief Executive Recruitment Committee, Councillor Hamilton-Cox was nominated by Councillor Dant, seconded by Councillor Dennison.  There were no further nominations therefore Councillor Hamilton-Cox was duly appointed Chair of the Chief Executive Recruitment Committee.




That the following Councillors be appointed Chairs of the undermentioned Committees for 2021/22:


Overview and Scrutiny Committee

Councillor Austen-Baker

Budget and Performance Panel

Councillor Duggan

Planning Regulatory Committee

Councillor Budden

Licensing Committee

Councillor Hartley

Personnel Committee

Councillor Anderton

Appeals Committee

Councillor Black

Standards Committee

Councillor Young

Audit Committee

Councillor Stubbins

Council Business Committee

Councillor Pritchard

Chief Executive Recruitment Committee

Councillor Hamilton-Cox