Agenda and minutes

Overview and Scrutiny Committee
Thursday, 26th July 2018 6.00 p.m.

Venue: Morecambe Town Hall

Contact: Jenny Kay, Democratic Services - telephone (01524) 582065 or email 

No. Item



The Committee are requested to make the following appointments :-


·         Vice Chairman

·         Pre- Scrutiny Champion

·         Scrutiny Champion – this is normally the Chairman of the Committee


And Members to sit on the following bodies :-


·         Homelessness Forum

·         Lancaster, Morecambe and District Fairtrade Group

·         Museums Advisory Forum


The Chairman requested nominations for Vice-Chairman of the Committee. It was proposed by Councillor Caroline Jackson, seconded by Councillor David Whitaker and unanimously agreed :


“That Councillor Roger Mace be appointed Vice-Chairman of the Overview and Scrutiny Committee.”


Members were requested to consider a number of appointments the Committee were required to make. 


The following appointments were agreed. 




(1)        That Councillor Roger Mace be appointed Vice-Chairman of the Overview and             Scrutiny Committee.


(2)        That Councillor Caroline Jackson be appointed the Pre-Scrutiny Champion for             the Municipal Year. 


(3)        That Councillor Nigel Goodrich be appointed Scrutiny Champion for the             Municipal Year. 


(4)        The following appointments were agreed to outside bodies: -


·                     Lancaster, Morecambe & District Fairtrade Group - Councillor Caroline             Jackson.


·                     Museums Advisory Forum - Councillor Roger Mace. 


·                     Homelessness Forum – Councillor Tracy Brown.



Minutes of the Meetings held on 19th April and 15th May 2018 (previously circulated). 


The Minutes of the meetings held on 19th April and 15th May, 2018 were signed by the Chairman as a correct record.


Task and Working Groups - Update


The Committee was given as update on each Task and Working Group.


Resilience Commission Informal Task Group


It was noted that the Resilience Commission Informal Task Group had almost concluded its work. It was reported that the Task Group needed to meet with Planning officers to decide how to move forward regarding information previously provided regarding building regulations.


Customer Service and Complaints Policy Informal Task Group


Members were advised that the Task Group had commissioned a survey of members of the public to gain their views on the Council’s complaints procedure. The Task Group was due to meet again shortly.


Voluntary and Faith Sector Commissioning Working Group.


The Committee was informed that the Working Group had completed its work and had agreed a number of recommendations. Members considered the recommendations in turn and it was agreed:


Resolved :-



(1)          That the current Commissioning Framework remains a sound document for the district’s current needs and that it be retained and updated in line with the Council Plan, now it has been approved.


(2)          That the funded organisations be requested to attend an Annual Review meeting in October of each year, with the Overview and Scrutiny Committee and that the Budget and Performance Panel Members also be invited to attend, to inform Members of the work undertaken, on an annual basis.


(3)          That the Outside Bodies report to be considered by Council in May 2019, includes information on the expectations and obligations of a Councillor appointed as a Trustee of an organisation in undertaking a monitoring role, including supporting the organisations and attending the Annual Review meeting as in (2) above.


(4)          That the information provided by organisation’s commissioning on behalf of the Council, be circulated to scrutiny Members on a regular basis.


(5)          That, subject to current commitments, the small grants administered by the Lancashire Foundation Trust be allocated to a Lancaster based organisation for future administration.


(6)          That a link to the Commissioning Framework be added to the Council’s website and that the Framework be circulated to the current bodies receiving Council funding.


(7)          That a link to the Commissioning Framework be made available to other organisations to use on their websites and that they be encouraged to do so.


(8)          That the updates on Task and Working Groups be noted.


Work Programme

To consider items for the Committee’s Work Programme for the forthcoming year.


Members considered the outstanding issues on the Committee’s Work Programme and suggestions that had been put forward by Management Team and Councillors.


One issue that had been raised was that of the length of Council meetings. The Committee discussed this at length.


Resolved :-


That the Overview and Scrutiny Committee recommend to the Constitutional Sub Group of Council:-


(1)  That the Sub Group recommend to Council that June and October meetings of full Council be re-instated.


(2)  That a separate full Council meeting be arranged for any substantial agenda items.


(3)  That the Monitoring Officer and Members of Council Business Committee be made aware of these recommendations.




Matter for Consideration



Comments/Expected Date of Meeting

Officer Responsible /External



Salt Ayre



LATC progression. 


Note: Suggest invite all members of Council to meetings of O&SC. 


December 2018.


Chief Officer (Heath & Housing).

A report to O&SC.


A Member Briefing for all Members to take place in Autumn on LATCs in general.



Commercial Strategy





Spring 2019.


Assistant Chief Executive. 

Report to O&SC by Spring 2019.



Universal Credit issues



The subject is how people in our district are dealt with.


 Early 2019.


Poverty Truth Commission.


Request a report from Poverty Truth Commission who are undertaking a piece of work on this issue.



Canal Quarter









Scope Task Group to look at lessons learnt and due diligence.



Lancaster Traffic Masterplan




That the Committee request an update from Lancashire County Council on its Traffic Masterplan, which included the gyratory system in Lancaster City Centre.


(Minute 25 - 29th Nov 2017).



March 2018.



Arrange a Member Briefing provided by Lancashire County Council. Ensure the Briefing covers the City’s gyratory system.


Review of Policies and Procedures in place for dealing with Major Flooding Incidents. 



Resilience Commission Task Group.



To remain as a standing item on the work programme.


Any major flooding works to be reported to the Overview and Scrutiny Committee. 


(Min 16 - 20th September 2017).


That the Committee request information from partners and agencies on the reporting process and possible sharing and referring of information, in the period following the initial emergency.


(Minute 26 - 29th Nov 2017).



April 2018. 


Chief Officers (Heath & Housing), (Environment) and also

Regeneration & Planning. 



Remove from Work Programme.


Update report on Health Scrutiny. 




Note:  OSC given permission by CBC to undertake preparatory work in response to the consultation, with the final response to be considered by CBC, in line with the standard procedure, if and when appropriate to do so.  (CBC Min 8 – 27th June 2013 refers). 



April 2018. 




Invite all City Council’s incl. the City Council representative on the County Council’s Health Scrutiny Committee.




Any updates to be circulated to Members by email.


Ideal Choice process. 


The City Council is about to review the Choice Based lettings system, which will include an upgraded Ideal Choice software. This will be reported to the Committee once this is complete. 


That a visit  ...  view the full minutes text for item 4.