Lancaster City Council Elections - Thursday, 3rd May 2007

Election results by party
Party name Seats won % of votes
Labour Party 14 26%
Conservative Party 12 30%
Green Party 12 18%
Morecambe Bay Independents 12 13%
Liberal Democrats 5 8%
Independent 5 4%
UK Independence Party 0 < 1%
British National Party 0 < 1%
Turnout: 36%
**PLEASE NOTE** City Council election results 2011. When looking at the results for multi member wards, it will appear that more votes were cast than there were ballot papers issued. This is because, in a two seat ward such as Bare, electors may vote for up to two candidates. In a three seat ward such as Bulk, electors may vote for up to three candidates. Not everyone will do this though - some electors might only vote for one candidate.