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Name, Address1, Address2, Address3, Address4, Postcode, Phone, Mobile, Email
Councillor Erica Lewis, c/o Democratic Services, Town Hall, Dalton Square, Lancaster, LA1 1PJ, , 07597 520444,
Councillor Kevin Frea, 31 Forgebank Walk, Halton, Lancaster, , LA2 6FD, , 07716 246672,
Councillor Dave Brookes, 23 Regent Street, Lancaster, , , LA1 1SQ`, , 07817966949,
Councillor Tim Hamilton-Cox, 29 Alderman Road, Lancaster, , , LA1 5FW, 01524 34223, 07894 587927,
Councillor Janice Hanson, 19 Regent Park Avenue, Morecambe, , , LA4 4QP, 01524 411019, ,
Councillor Caroline Jackson, 55 Park Road, Lancaster, , , LA1 3EJ, 07958 434549, ,
Councillor Jean Parr, c/o Lancaster City Council, Town Hall, Dalton Square, Lancaster, LA1 1PJ, 07917 627428, ,
Councillor John Reynolds, 99 Redruth Drive, Carnforth, , , LA5 9TT, , 07813 117462,
Councillor Alistair Sinclair, c/o Democratic Services, Town Hall, Dalton Square, Lancaster, LA1 1PJ, 01524 389110, ,
Liz Bateson, (Address not supplied) , 01524 582047, ,
Democratic Tab, (Address not supplied)