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Council Business Committee

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Information about Council Business Committee

Council Business Committee


Composition:     Seven Councillors in political balance. Chair appointed by Council annually.


Terms of Reference


1.1           To make appointments to Committees and outside bodies (other than those made at Annual Council) or by Cabinet.

1.2           To determine the method of response and, where necessary, agree responses, on behalf of the Council, to requests for responses to consultations made to the Council.

1.3           To agree the annual timetable of Lancaster City Council meetings and any other timetabling issues which may arise.

1.4           To take urgent decisions on issues which fall within the Terms of Reference of Council, for example regarding Parish Councils, where it would not be practical to convene Full Council and is not prohibited by statute.

1.5           To agree amendments to all parts of the Constitution, on a referral from the Audit Committee or Monitoring Officer, other than the Responsibility for Functions – (non-executive function changes are reserved to Council and executive functions are decided by the Leader), Financial Regulations and Procedures, Contract Procedure Rules (reserved to Audit Committee) and minor constitutional amendments which are within the responsibility of the Monitoring Officer (see the table at paragraph 10.6 in Part 1).

1.6           To manage issues relating to Councillors, including monitoring training and development undertaken.

1.7           To agree civic and ceremonial matters in consultation with the Mayor.

1.8           To determine seniority in relation to making an invitation for a Councillor to be proposed as a future Mayor.