Agenda and minutes

Budget and Performance Panel - Wednesday, 2nd February 2022 6.00 p.m.

Venue: Morecambe Town Hall

Contact: Stephen Metcalfe, Democratic Services - email 

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Minutes of the Meeting held on 14th December 2021 (previously circulated). 


The Minutes of the Meeting held on 14th December 2021 were signed by the Vice-Chair as a correct record. 




The Vice-Chair welcomed Panel Members, especially the new Members Councillors Hunter and Taylor to their first meeting of the Panel and also Councillor Joan Jackson.  He also welcomed Cabinet Members who had been invited to attend this meeting and also members of the public attending in person or watching the live stream of the meeting. 


At this point Councillor Robinson raised an objection to a Councillor from one of the Groups in the Cabinet administration chairing a scrutiny panel.  The Vice-Chair advised that it was in accordance with the Constitution for him to be appointed as the Vice-Chair and that he would continue to Chair the meeting. 


Items of Urgent Business authorised by the Chair pdf icon PDF 284 KB

Additional documents:


The Vice-Chair advised that he had accepted one item of urgent business regarding the Treasury Management Strategy.  It was noted that this item would be considered after the City Council’s Budget Framework Update report and presentation. 


Declaration of Interests

To receive declarations by Councillors of interests in respect of items on this Agenda. 

Councillors are reminded that, in accordance with the Localism Act 2011, they are required to declare any disclosable pecuniary interests which have not already been declared in the Council’s Register of Interests. (It is a criminal offence not to declare a disclosable pecuniary interest either in the Register or at the meeting). 

Whilst not a legal requirement, in accordance with Council Procedure Rule 9 and in the interests of clarity and transparency, Councillors should declare any disclosable pecuniary interests which they have already declared in the Register, at this point in the meeting. 

In accordance with Part B Section 2 of the Code Of Conduct, Councillors are required to declare the existence and nature of any other interests as defined in paragraphs 8(1) or 9(2) of the Code of Conduct. 



There were no declarations of interest made at this point. 


Budget and Policy Framework Update pdf icon PDF 395 KB

Cabinet will present its Budget and Policy Framework Proposals.


Attached report and appendices previously published and to be considered by Council on 26th January 2022. 


Additional documents:


Councillor Anne Whitehead, Cabinet Member with responsibility for Finance and Resources, presented the City Council’s Budget and Policy Framework Proposals 2022/23. 


The presentation contained details regarding:


·       Council’s Core Plan 2030 – Strategic Priorities.


·       Climate Emergency Outcomes.


·       Community Wealth-Building Outcomes.


·       Community Engagement, Power and Resilience Outcomes. 


·       Recent Achievements.


·       Budget Proposals – Savings, Income Generation and Additional Resources. 


·       Council Tax, Spending Power and Budgeted Funding Assumptions. 


·       Fees and Charges for 2022/23, General Fund Revenue Budget and Capital Programme. 


·       Future Strategy and Outcomes-Based Resourcing.  


Councillor Whitehead then responded to questions from members and also a member of the public.  Other Cabinet Members and City Council’s officers also assisted with responses to queries. 


Issues raised by the Panel were:


·       Income from business rates – Heysham Power Station. 


·       Public realm – change in responsibility for toilets. 


·       Building Control. 


·       Mellishaw Park. 


·       Outcome Based Resourcing. 


·       SALC. 


·       Eden North and the Levelling Up Fund. 


·       Staff pay and inflation. 


·       Community Engagement/volunteers and a 10 year plan. 


·       Canal Quarter. 


The Vice-Chair thanked Councillor Whitehead for her thorough and comprehensive presentation.  The Vice-Chair also thanked Cabinet Members, the Chief Executive and officers for their ongoing work during the current pandemic. 




(1)            That the report be noted. 


(2)            That Councillor Whitehead be thanked for her thorough and comprehensive presentation. 



Item of Urgent Business - Treasury Management Strategy


In accordance with Section 100B (4) (b) of the Local Government Act 1972, the Vice-Chair had agreed for the report to be submitted as urgent business and to be considered at this meeting.  The item was considered as urgent business as there was a requirement to consider this item of business prior to the next scheduled meeting of the Panel. 


The Chief Finance Officer submitted a report that presented the draft Treasury Management Strategy and associated documents for 2022/23 and provided an opportunity for consideration and comment ahead of formal presentation to Council in accordance with the Council’s Constitution. 




That the Treasury Management framework documents and Strategy for 2022/23 be noted 


Lancashire Combined Fire Authority - Budget Consultation pdf icon PDF 231 KB


Additional documents:


The Vice-Chair advised the Panel that the Lancashire Combined Fire Authority had sent apologies for the meeting and submitted a report for comments.


There were no comments on the report and no questions were raised.




That the report be noted. 



Lancashire County Council - Budget Consultation pdf icon PDF 143 KB

This report was marked “to follow” and was included on the agenda on 27th January 2022. 

Additional documents:


The Vice-Chair advised the Panel that Lancashire County Council had submitted its budget proposals for consultation. 


There were no comments on the report and no questions were raised.


There was a discussion regarding the tables provided by the County Council showing variances against previous years and whether this format could be adopted by the City Council when reporting financial information.  It was noted that from Quarter 2 variance against previous years had been provided, that this would be continued in Quarter 3 and would be carried forward into next years’ round including the City Council’s Outturn report. 


Members then commenced a discussion regarding the proportionate level of Council Tax now taken by the Police, which was felt was going up disproportionately when increasing their own precept.  It was noted that the relevant Cabinet Members would investigate this issue on behalf of the City Council and raise with the Lancashire Police and Crime Commissioner and also with other District Leaders. 




That the report be noted.