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The young people of Lancaster District declare a 'climate emergency'

We the undersigned petition the council to 1. Declare a ‘climate emergency’. 2. Conduct a consultation with young people of all ages, by young people of ages, for what they want for a sustainable future in Lancaster district. 3. Include consultation ideas in council plans to make Lancaster District carbon neutral by 2030. 4. Create a young person’s climate panel to review and support council climate strategies.

We, the young people of Lancaster, are the generation which will feel the effects of global warming, yet there is little action to reduce these effects. As a generation, we have never lived in a time of stable climate conditions. We are seeing it’s devastating effects in many ways already: sea levels are rising, habitats are being destroyed and our future is uncertain. If the current global trend continues, it is very likely that the earth’s temperature will rise by 2°C. The consequences will be disastrous. As a society, we need to involve the opinions of young people in the decision-making processes to tackle this climate emergency, to help protect our future.

On reaching 500 signatures a full Council debate will be held.

This ePetition ran from 25/11/2018 to 18/01/2019 and has now finished.

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