CODE of PRACTICE   This was adopted by Council on 13 March 2002.  
  POLICY STATEMENT   The Code of Practice recommends a specific form of words to be used to set out the  
    Council's objectives within the Policy Statement, for its Treasury Management activities.    
    It is the responsibility of Council to approve this document initially, and then note it each   
    year thereafter.  
  TREASURY MANAGEMENT STRATEGY The Strategy document breaks down the Policy Statement into detailed activities   
    and sets out the objectives and expected market forecasts for the coming year.  
    It is the responsibility of Cabinet to approve this document, and Council must be then   
    informed of its content for information only.  
  PRUDENTIAL INDICATORS   These are included within the Strategy Statement as part of the framework within which  
    treasury activities will be undertaken. It is the responsibility of Council to approve these limits.  
  INVESTMENT STRATEGY   The Investment Strategy states which types of investments the Council may use for the prudent   
    management of its treasury balances during the financial year. The Secretary of State  
    recommends that the Strategy should be approved by Council.  
  TREASURY MANAGEMENT PRACTICES These are documents that set out the procedures that are in place for the Treasury   
    Management function within the Council. The main principles were approved by Cabinet  
    following the adoption of the Code of Practice; they include:  
    TMP 1: Risk management TMP 7: Budgeting, accounting & audit 
    TMP 2: Best value and performance management TMP 8: Cash & cash flow management
    TMP 3: Decision-making and analysis  TMP 9: Money laundering  
    TMP 4: Approved instruments, methods & techniques TMP 10: Staff training & qualifications
    TMP 5: Organisation of responsibilties & dealing TMP 11: Use of external service providers 
    TMP 6: Reporting & management information TMP 12: Corporate governance  
    Any changes to the above principles will require Cabinet approval.  
    It is the Head of Financial Service's responsibility to maintain detailed working documents   
    and to ensure their compliance with the main principles.  It is highlighted that for 2009/10,   
    quarterly treasury management reports will continue to be included within Corporate Financial Monitoring
    and in turn, these will be reported into Cabinet and Budget and Performance Panel.